Water Bores and Divining Magic

Water Bores and Divining Magic


This growing season came and went, with no rain and along with that came no feed, for us and beast.

We have been lucky up until now with water and making it last, but 20013/2014 drought was the longest we have had since we have been on the farm.

Water bores have been a subject that has been talked about often, along with the reluctance to commit to spending the money in which there can be a chance you just end up with a dry hole in the ground.

I have dabbled in water divining over the years and have had various results in that time, mostly successful, but to do it for my own farm was a bit scary.

The time had come to take my bent wires out and see what I could find.


I use a lot of environmental signs as well as the traditional dowsing techniques to find a location to start to look for water. Trees, the landscape and even the types of grasses and other flora can all be helpful to finding a suitable place to start dowsing.

I had eyed a few locations to begin, taking into ease of drilling and close to where we could use the water and install a pump to supply us.

drill rig

In NSW you are required to get a permit to drill, this is needed before any work takes place.

Having acquired the permit, I began a waiting game for the drillers to arrive, one morning totally unexpected I received a phone call saying they will be here in a few hours, where were they going to drill?? I hadn’t got to that stage as yet, under pressure to find a starting point I headed out to my chosen area with the traditional bent wires to find site.

I was in luck, I found 2 underground streams both running to a point in a good location, and with easy access to all our needs.


The cross was made, drilling is about to start. I was a bit excited to see it all happen before my eyes, so I watched and waited.

It was a slow process and they had only gone down a few meters when I thought they could be here for hours, and other work was calling, I left them to drill while I attended other chores.

A hour or so later, I was shocked to water gushing from around the drill, I still wasn’t certain whether it was ground water or something they were pumping in, luck and a little bit of science and we struck a aquifer at 14 meters, it continued to a  maximum flow at 20 meters.

Water Bore


Our farm had changed, our minds were racing, and we now had a good and reliable source of water.

Now the challenge of getting it up from the depths and how the best way to store and use it.

4 thoughts on “Water Bores and Divining Magic”

  1. I love that you use traditional dowsing in addition to environmental cues to find water. Dowsing seems to be a tradition lost to the ages but I’m happy to see it’s still in use. It’s also nice that you don’t have to dig your own well like you would have so long ago! Great story!

  2. I think it’s so interesting that they believed that they could use divining rods to find water. It’s a good thing that nowadays there are better dowsing techniques! Maybe I could have some water bored in my back yard. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Bungendore Water Bores
      You can offer a better success rate with your “Hydrogeological and Geophysical Consultants “, I would be interested to know your success rate with them.
      Do you use traditional methods ???????

      Craig Dennis
      Morrigan Farm
      Home : (02) 63588620
      Mobile : 0419489459

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