Humane Poultry Killer – River Cottage Australia

Thanks again to Paul at  River Cottage Australia for showing our Humane Poultry Killer in the new series.
Our stocks are a bit low with only a few remaining until our new batch arrives.  So if you miss out now please be patient until they arrive. We are expecting  them in about 4 weeks. Feel free to send us an email and we will let you know when they are back in stock

It fabulous to see so many people actively pursuing a sustainable lifestyle and appreciating where their food and especially meat comes from.

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5 thoughts on “Humane Poultry Killer – River Cottage Australia”

  1. I note you are out if stock for your humane neck breaker for chickens. When will they be available again? Can I be put on your list to be notified when they become available?

    Thank you.


    Lee Chan

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