July is Gone, Let’s get ready for Spring

July is Gone, Let’s get ready for Spring

July is finally over, our busiest month by far.

The first half is occupied with getting ready for the Mudgee Small Farm field Day, then it seems to take a week to get over it.

Our Field Day site

Mudgee was blessed with great weather, be that it was a little cooler than we would have liked, but no rain so the crowds were dry.

The Watershed Landcare lectures series were very popular along with our “Free Range Pig Keeping” talk, go a lot of follow up on previous pig sales, along with a few new sales to upcoming pig breeders.

landcare msffd
Landcare Lecture Series

We had a steady flow of shoppers at our site, with lots of information flowing in both directions, it is great to talk to others and swap tips and tricks on their quest to produce and process more of their food.

We couldn’t walk away from a field day without the purchase of some kind of livestock. This time we have started with the infrastructure before actually getting the livestock (is a first for us), Bees are our new venture, starting with one hive, but have grand plans to increase already.

bee hive
Our First Hive

Life did eventually get back to the norm, we had a few too many pigs so it was time for sausages, we killed an intact male who’s was about 6 months old, minced most of him and kept a few of the larger cuts for roasts.

Our sausages are pure pork, with dried herbs, thanks to our Excalibur Dehydrator and our own garden, and a few additional spices just to jazz them up.

006 (4)
Sausage Mince

The garden is the next on our list, getting the greenhouse up and running and building a shade house, sorting a few irrigation issues out and preparing for the growing season.

Also on our agenda is doing some demonstration days on killing and processing your own livestock, we have chickens, ducks, sheep and 001 (5)pigs that are constantly being processed, so if you are interested in attending and getting involved, drop us an Email.