Summer BBQ’s, Vegies and new babies

Summer,BBQ’s, Vegies and new babies

The last frost has gone, and we are planting to get into full swing for the summer growing season.

Summer,BBQ's, Vegies and new babies
Getting Ready

Our planting so far has been, Tomatoes ,Pumpkin,  Corn, Cucumber ,Squash, Zucchini, Egg Plant, Capsicum, Lettuce, Beans and a few others and  more to come.

We have moved and rebuilt our compost system, this is a regular event, we always find somewhere better for it and along with the upgrade, it keeps us busy for a while.

Summer,BBQ's, Vegies and new babies
New compost centre




Poultry Processing Day

Well it took us a while to get our act together to host our first poultry  kill day.  We planned on a small event so only advertised on Facebook. We were overwhelmed with the response with people wanting to come but decided to cap the numbers to make it more manageable for us. So our apologies to those that missed out but stay tuned for the next day. We just need our rooster population to build up!


The roosters were all selected the night before and some people bought their own. The day was designed to be a hands on event and it was great to see  everyone jumping in to have a go.

We processed about 12 birds from slaughter to fully dressed and ready for dinner.

The day was finished off with a sausage sizzle for lunch, with our own” Free Range pork sausages”

Overall it was a fabulous day, we met some great people and we hope the participants enjoyed it as much as we did. We got to see a few roast chicken pictures that night which was great.

New Babies

New additions to the farm are 3 goslings, who are being parented by 2 mothers.IMG_4768 IMG_4761


Pigs are always coming and going, the last of Josephine’s litter will be picked up next week.IMG_4764

Lambs are always plentiful this time of  year, we marked 22 newbies in the last weeks.


Our wwoofer Jana, has moved on it was great to have some extra help and to show a visitor to our country, our farming practices  and our community, we wish her well with her travels.

Long Summer Days

Summer is surely a great time, long days and to finish of the of the working day around the pool and BBQ’s with family and friends ….we are living in the lucky country.


Cheers until next time……………………….