Humane Poultry Killer Australian Made

Humane Poultry Killer Australian Made

Humane Poultry Killer Australian Made
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These are a tried and tested design, we have been using our one for years and have cleanly killed hundreds of chickens with this.

We are producing these ourselves , so by purchasing you are supporting two Australian  Rural small businesses

They are cast out of alloy by a local foundry.

This is a clean and easy way to home kill poultry

To use, insert neck of bird in U gap and pull lever down smartly. This will break the neck of the bird, sever the spinal cord and form a cavity into which the blood will drain when the bird is hung. The appliance is not intended to sever the head of the bird and an adjusting screw is provided to regulate the gap from one type of bird to another.

Cleanly breaks the neck with NO BLOOD

Can be adjusted to fit different sized birds and ducks

Easily mounted to a tree or fence post

 Full Instruction  sheet and helpful hints included

We are  happy to answer any questions on home killing poultry as we have been using this dispatcher for years and have found it to be the cleanest and easiest way to humanely kill our chickens



































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