Welcome to Morrigan Farm

Morrigan Farm is set on 100 acres in the central tablelands of NSW at Aarons Pass.

The farm is owned and managed by Craig Dennis & Susan Gawthorne. We both lived in Sydney for many years until the call of the land got too strong. Moving to Mudgee was an easy decision as it was Susan’s hometown and it was close enough to Sydney where 5 of the 6 children (young adults) live

Craig And Susan
Craig And Susan

The farm is definitely a family affair. The children all have a huge part to play in our successes. Aaron is our web man who help us with all things computer based. Tristan is an invaluable salesman at Field Days and expo’s. Sam is an expert fence and shed builder. Mitchell is great with the animals. Shannon is another skilled fence builder and now can even do roofing. Lyndon can muster animals on the motorbike like a demon! Thanks boys for your continued help we couldn’t do it without you! Should also mention the invaluable help of Odin and Tess . Man’s best friend and the welcoming team on the farm


We both have a passion to raise and grow our own food and live as sustainably as possible.

Craig is a qualified Permaculture designer and the farm is being designed and managed around permaculture principals. Craig is also an active member of Watershed Landcare at Mudgee

We breed and sell a variety of livestock that are productive on small holdings including  Wessex Saddleback pigs,  Dorper sheep,  Pure Breed poultry, Alpacas & Belted Galloways.  All our livestock are free-range and ethically managed.


We also preserve as much of our surplus produce as possible so we have a good knowledge of home preserving.

We have only been on the property for 4 years so we have a long way to go ! We have many plans for the property and we hope to share our success and failures through our blogs.

Our next major project is to build some decent accommodation so we can have wwoofers  on the property.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Morrigan Farm”

  1. Hi,
    Just having a look at your website and love the picture of the Dorper sheep. Wondering if you breed them or where you purchased them from?

  2. Hi Craig and Susan
    I’m on the hunt for a piglet/weaner sow.
    Would you know of any around the Bathurst, Lithgow, Mudgee, Blue Mountains area.
    Would prefer a small to average size breed as we are on just over an acre.

    Regards Ewelina

    1. Hi Ewelina
      We have Wessex saddlebacks available from the 10th of January.
      They will be 5 weeks old on this date.
      The are the smallest of the pure breeds available in Australia.
      They are priced at $75.00 each and go up in price according to age.

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